Universal Trellis Clip

Farmers are always searching for practical and more efficient ways to do their job. An experienced apple grower named Ludwig Gohly designed the Universal Trellis Clip to reduce the time and money he spent on his orchard located in Osoyoos, British Columbia.
Evans Manufacturing Company began working alongside of Ludwig, manufacturing the Universal Trellis Clip. Over the years, this method has benefited farmers locally and worldwide

The original intent of the clip or “hook” was for apple tree support and irrigation lines, but it is by no means limited for this purpose. Our products are being successfully used for other fruit trees, along with berry canes and vines. We manufacture a large and small hook. The wire used for the hooks contain a special galvanized coating which bonds to the metal at the atomic level. Because of this, the clips are corrosion resistant for many years allowing them to be reused.

Product in Action...

Using the hook is very efficient. It requires only one hand to attach the clip or “hook” to the trellis wire, leaving the other hand free to support the tree in its place. Once connected to the wire, the hook keeps the tree standing firm, even when windy. Not only is it easy and fast, the hook is more economical than other products on the market. Since the time spent in the orchard is reduced, labor costs are lower. No tools are required or recommended for using the clip. Removal of the hook is just as easy when removing trees or switching hook sizes for larger trees.

More than just Apple trees…
The original intent of the clip or "hook" was for apple tree support and irrigation lines, but its other purposes include:

  • Other types of fruit trees
  • Berry canes
  • Vines 

The hook also comes in two sizes Large and Small.